Need a Special Occasion Venue? Book Sweet Peppers!

Choose Sweet Peppers Restaurant and Bar, one of the best-kept secrets on One Happy Island, for your next special occasion event. We’ll sit down with you and work out all the details to make sure everything about your event is just the way you want it to be. Conveniently located near the intersections of Routes 2 and 3 on the grounds of the Caribbean Palm Village Resort, Sweet Peppers is fun family-oriented restaurant open 7 days a week to prepare and serve Caribbean and international cuisine with a local touch. Whether you’re planning for a group of 6 or 60 (or more), we’ve got the room and the staff to put together an event your attendees won’t soon forget! Read more

Sweet Peppers Finger-Lickin’ Fish Every Day!

Finger-Lickin’ Fish isn’t only for Friday nights anymore! People love our Aruban version of “fish-n-chips” so much that Sweet Peppershas decided to make it more widely available. To be ready to serve up a fried fish and seafood platter at a moment’s notice takes a special level of dedication. It begins with an early-morning trip to the docks to hand-select the fish and other seafood that will be featured later that day. It’s a ritual that Sweet Peppers owners Harold and Anky Paesch have come to love. As Harold puts it, “There’s something exciting and immensely pleasing when you meet the fishermen at the docks and look everything over and pick out what is going to be served to your customers later that same day. I never get tired of doing it, and you never know for sure what you’re going to find!”

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Sweet Peppers is Your Super Bowl Sports Bar!

If you’ve been coming to One Happy Island and Sweet Peppers for years, you probably have your favorite nights of the week given our array of theme nights, whether it’s Monday’s Italian Night, Tuesday’s All-You-Can-Eat Grouper, Wednesday’s Karaoke Night, Friday’s Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night, or Sunday’s All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Ribs. Those are all fun nights to be sure, but Sweet Peppers can also be your go-to sports bar when there’s a big game on that everyone wants to see. And rumor has it there is a big game coming up… Read more

Sweet Peppers: The Funnest Family Restaurant on One Happy Island

Sweet Peppers is the funnest family restaurant featuring Aruban and Caribbean cuisine along with a selection of international dishes. The Paesch family owns Sweet Peppers, and you’ll run into Harold, Anky, and their six children frequently at the restaurant, and two of those children work there as well. One of the funnest things about Sweet Peppers is all the different theme nights offered throughout each week. Here’s how Harold describes them: Read more