Finger-Lickin’ Fish

Sweet Peppers Presents Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night Every Friday

Many, many people from all around the world grew up with Fridays being the day of the week reserved especially for eating fish. Sweet Peppers is happy to continue the tradition with it’s own special take on it: Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night.

FriFishBannerThe Sweet Peppers tradition of Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night on Fridays includes enough crispy fried fish for two people at only $45 per couple. Considering that all the fish and seafood served is caught fresh that very same day, it represents an amazing value.

The selection is will include the following: Calamari, shrimp, lobster, and whatever the best “catch of the day is,” which might be wahoo, red snapper, or grouper. Owners Harold and Anky Paesch go down to the docks each and every morning to hand-select the best catch of the day. All the fish dishes are lightly seasoned and include a splash of fresh lemon juice. Dipping sauces for the fish are a must and include a tasty Creole sauce and a garlic sauce, along with pickled spicy onions.

The selection of deep-fried seafood delicacies can be accompanied by French fries or couple different Aruban traditional dishes: Funchi, a kind of thick polenta made with cornmeal, butter, and salt; or Pan bati, which translates literally as “smashed bread” – think of it as a fried pancake made from a batter containing both regular flour and cornmeal. Making it involves a special slapping technique when flipping the pancake so it reaches the right spongy consistency. Other options on a Finger-Lickin’ Fish night at Sweet Peppers includes shrimp skewers and spicy pan-fried mussels with tomato-cayenne sauce.

Finger-Lickin’ Fish

Hand-selected locally caught fresh seafood at an unbeatable price in the trendy Palm Beach area of Aruba – that’s Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night every Friday at Sweet Peppers, a Caribbean international restaurant with a local flair. Make your reservation now! Sweet Peppers is located within the Caribbean Palm Village Resort at Noord 43-E, Palm Beach Road, Noord, Aruba. Telephone: +297 586 0740. Website: