Funnest family restaurant

Sweet Peppers: The Funnest Family Restaurant on One Happy Island

Sweet Peppers is the funnest family restaurant featuring Aruban and Caribbean cuisine along with a selection of international dishes. The Paesch family owns Sweet Peppers, and you’ll run into Harold, Anky, and their six children frequently at the restaurant, and two of those children work there as well. One of the funnest things about Sweet Peppers is all the different theme nights offered throughout each week. Here’s how Harold describes them:

Sunday: All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Ribs

Funnest family restaurant

Our chef prepares the BBQ ribs with very special top-secret seasoning ingredients and grills them to perfection. The meat practically falls off the bone. Our customers tell us that our BBQ sauce might be the best in the Caribbean, and it’s gluten-free for anyone who is sensitive or allergic. You’ll easily work your way through your first rack of ribs and from there the sky’s the limit because it is in fact all-you-can-eat. Your ribs also come with French fries and our chef’s fresh-made coleslaw. And at only $23.95 per person, you’ll have no one but yourself to blame if you walk away hungry.

Monday: Italian Night

Funnest family restaurant

Why do we have an Italian night at Sweet Peppers? The more important question is, why not? After all, who doesn’t love Italian food? Kids love pasta, so Italian Night goes a long way towards making Sweet Peppers the funnest family restaurant on the island. It also just so happens that Italian is one of our chef’s specialties. Italian cooking incorporates lots of seafood, which is plentiful here on One Happy Island. My wife and I love going to the docks together each morning to hand-select the seafood our chef will use throughout the day. If you love pasta and you love seafood, then Italian Night at Sweet Peppers will be one sweet experience for you!

Tuesday: All-You-Can-Eat Grouper

Funnest family Restaurant

Sweet Peppers pioneered a whole new concept when we started the tradition of All-You-Can-Eat grouper, and it’s an important part of what makes us the funnest family restaurant you’ll find anywhere on Aruba. These are big fishes that fishermen can catch locally in the ocean waters around Aruba. Your grouper fillets can be prepared several different ways to match your taste – grilled, pan-fried, deep-fried, even poached if that’s the way you want it! You get three different dipping sauces for your grouper: One is a super-unique Mango Creole sauce. The recipe is my mother’s own, so I know it’s special! It’s made with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, fresh-diced mango and mango juice, and vinegar. It can be spiced up with Aruban Madame Jeanette (a powerful yellow chili pepper) for those who like the heat to give you a mind-blowing experience that combines sweet, sour, and spicy all in one simple sauce. The second sauce is a Piña Colada sauce that has flaked coconut and pineapple chunks in it. The third is a very special lemon butter sauce made with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Your grouper is served with rice or mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, or you can opt for a salad. All-you-can-eat grouper is only $23.95 per person!

Wednesday: Karaoke Night

Funnest family restaurant

Wednesday’s Karaoke Night exists because Anky loves music and singing. It’s the night of the week where everyone who comes to enjoy the party feels like one big happy family, and even the kitchen and wait staff joins in the fun. We love that! Karaoke Night will convince you that Sweet Peppers really is the funnest family Restaurant on Aruba. And it really doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not – we’ll help you loosen up with a fireball shot early on, and reinforce that later with a shot of tequila. You’ll be performing like a superstar before you know it! Everyone needs to let loose their inner rock star once in a while, and Karaoke Night at Sweet Peppers is the perfect place to do it. From 9:00pm-11:00pm every Wednesday, you and your friends can take the stage and belt out a few of your favorite songs and enjoy 2-for-1 drinks specials as well.

Friday: Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night

Funnest Family Restaurant

The Sweet Peppers tradition of Finger-Lickin’ Fish Night on Fridays includes enough crispy fried fish for two people at only $45 per couple. Considering that all the fish and seafood served is caught fresh that very same day, it’s an amazing value. You will enjoy calamari, shrimp, lobster, and whatever the best “catch of the day is,” which might be wahoo, red snapper, or grouper. Anky and I love to go down to the docks each and every morning to hand-select the best catch of the day. All the fish dishes are lightly seasoned and include a splash of fresh lemon juice. Dipping sauces for the fish are a must and include a tasty Creole sauce and a garlic sauce, along with pickled spicy onions. You can have your fish with French fries or traditional Aruban dishes such as Funchi (a type of thick polenta made from cornmeal, butter, and salt) or Pan bati (literally “beaten bread,” similar to a pancake made with both flour and cornmeal). Other options include shrimp skewers and spicy pan-fried mussels with tomato-cayenne sauce.

If you’re looking for a place to eat that you can enjoy with whole family, then Sweet Peppers is the right choice for you because it’s the funnest family restaurant on One Happy Island. Sweet Peppers is located within the Caribbean Palm Village Resort at Noord 43-E, Palm Beach Road, Noord, Aruba. Telephone: +297 586 0740. Website: